Mission Hill Flats

A community where you can live green everyday! 

MHF bicycles on-site for local use, just another way of reducing Boston's carbon footprint.

EV Plug-in's (For Electric Vehicles) will be hosted in our garage for our residents to use. We will also be proide some EV Plug-in's option for the residents of Mission Hill outside the building. 

In-house smart car for exclusive resident use (MHF’s goal it to make city car ownership unnecessary).

Our Vision

MHF will be a pet friendly building fully equipped with a pet washing station; a portion of rent collected will be donated to our local MSPCA

A Transit Oriented Development (TOD) – easy access to public transportation with .1 mile to Roxbury Crossing (Orange Line) and .8 mile to Brigham Circle (green line) and many bus routes

Other benefits include:

About the Mission Hill Flats Project

Two retail spaces on the first floor – we are targeting a family friendly restaurant to acquire one of those spaces. 

Leland DiMeco

Licensed Broker and Co-Owner of Boston Green Realty, LLC.



Meet the Developers

Suzanne DiMeco

Licensed Broker and Co-Owner of Boston Green Realty, LLC.



To develop a building of sustainability and community connection for Mission Hill. To be an example of Boston’s goal to reduce energy use and to surpass the current energy stretch codes. Mission Hill, as a community, will become the beneficiary of this testament of commitment to the environment.


Boston Green Realty, LLC. has been a leader in the green real estate market for over a decade. We have been forged our way in the Boston market by educating and promoting green building practices, ideas and vision to the public. Our vision is sustainability and the highest quality of new construction available.

 An LCD screen in the lobby with MHF's energy consumption info, community contests and overall info about MHF's community initiatives. We want to create a fun experience for all that live at MHF. 

More about the project

Mission Hill Flats is leading Boston’s urban-green movement with its first Mixed-Use Passive House Certified Building. Here you can enjoy urban living with all the benefits that come from green living, including lower energy bills, excellent air quality and a minimal carbon footprint.

What is a Passive Building? Established in Germany, the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) upholds the strictest standards of green living to create a nearly net-zero home. These buildings surpass any LEED/Energy Star standards by cutting energy consumption by 60 to 80 percent compared to code buildings.

Mission Hills Flats’ (MHF) goal is to be the greenest building in Boston and help pave the way for more of their kind. The building boasts a sleek and modern design with polished concrete floors, a visual waterfall of solar panels, exterior walls up to 2 feet thick, German-engineered windows for superior appearance and excellent air sealing - all providing superior energy efficiency. Your own smart apartment will learn your habits and help you enjoy your stay while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Sophisticated HEPA filtered air-quality system will deliver the highest quality of indoor air. This will help residents breath easier especially those with allergies and respiratory issues.