The site, totaling 7,334 sq. ft, is a trapezoidal shaped parcel that slopes 5 degrees across its width.  The site is located on the corner of two very different streets.  Tremont Street, the new building’s pedestrian entrance, is a neighborhood connector street traversing several neighborhoods.  Faxon Street, a short privately owned dead end street, is the new building’s vehicular entrance. 

The existing 1-story masonry and wood frame building, circa 1897, occupies nearly three-quarters the site.  From 1897 to 1966, the building expanded and housed many businesses including retail stores, phonograph record storage, and after school programs.  In 1966 the 1-story building was renovated to house the Knights of Columbus, Roxbury Council 123.  The building currently sits vacant and boarded up.  Years of uncontrolled renovations to the building eventually compromised its structural integrity. 

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